Who leads our efforts: a strong, diverse, equitable, and collaborative global health policy and advocacy community.

Our partnership will shape broader coalitions to be more equity-focused, with advocates from countries at all levels of economic and social development contributing as equals to shaping subnational, national, regional, and global investments in health.

Partnership Strategies

ACTION partners work closely together as equals and jointly learn, grow, and amplify coordinated global advocacy strategies. We connect, strengthen, and amplify the work of our partners, champions, and coalitions. ACTION partners work to jointly create strategies informed by our diverse experiences and each partner’s unique expertise in what works and what is needed in its own political context. We encourage and facilitate mutually beneficial open dialogue, form regional support and coordination mechanisms, and make the case for funding advocacy champions and organizations from traditionally under-resourced communities. Together, we work to institutionalize advocacy best practices within strong, sustainable, locally rooted civil society organizations. We amplify the contributions of each organization and champion so that ACTION’s partnership is more than the sum of its parts. By drawing on each partner’s and champion’s unique and authentic knowledge and skills, we ensure that every organization’s and individual’s work is informed by one another’s work—from strategic planning through to implementing complimentary, coordinated, and joint activities.