Equitable and Sustainable Systems

ACTION’s advocacy around building equitable and sustainable systems focuses on cross-cutting outcomes including universal health coverage (UHC) grounded in strong primary health care systems; expanding the health workforce; strengthening supply chains for vaccines and essential medicines; expanding R&D partnerships; promoting innovation in health tools, delivery mechanisms, and community engagement; and targeting services to traditionally underserved people.

Our advocacy is three-fold:

  • Resources: We promote increases to domestic spending on health, innovative finance to expand the resources available, and increases and responsible targeting of donor funding.
  • Policies: Our partners advocate for governments and their development partners to enact policies that extend primary health care services to the poorest and most marginalized and solve health worker shortages in order to achieve UHC.
  • Accountability: We evaluate how well the policies and practice of governments, donor agencies, and multilateral organizations enhance or undermine the sustainability and equity of health systems.